What We Do


A book is a dream that you hold in your hands.”

– Neil Gaiman

Our Mission: Giving the gift of hope, love, and imagination through books

At the Giving Palm, we provide books to teenagers in hospitals. To a teen, a book is a magical realm that can be explored many times over with a new discovery each time. Books never lose their novelty. Here at the Giving Palm, we have a commitment to improving the quality of life as well as creating a meaningful relationship with each person we help. The palms of our hands reach out to hold others, creating a web of support. Through donations of books, we add to hospital libraries and provide activities that create a community of readers. With our outreach, we have done work at UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh and are currently expanding our network to Cabell-Huntington Hospital and other healthcare providers in the Huntington, WV area. The founder works closely with the West Virginia Rural Health Association (https://wvrha.org/) for collaboration and the progressive sustainability of the organization throughout the state of West Virginia.